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How do I load cartridges into the Full Moonclip?

Use the Moonclip Tool.

How should the cartridges fit in the Full Moonclip?

The cartridge should rotate within their respective place and wobble slightly when all cartridges are loaded.

What brand of brass works best in your .025 Thick - Full Moonclips?

Federal or Remington & others makes works the best with the .025 thick Full Moonclips, which fit all the .38/357 standard moonclip. They allow the cartridges to have some movement or wiggle so that they will fall right into the chambers once properly aligned. Winchester brass does not work at all as the groove width is too tight/small.

Starline Brass is used in specific clips that state that they are for Starline Brass.

Who can machine my gun to accept Full Moonclips?


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